Gardening Log, Planting Bush Beans

July 1st, 2022 

Josephine Smith, age 15

Today, I planted some bush beans in my family’s upper garden. Bush beans are a variation of green beans that grow on a bush-like plant. After pulling up the remains of our spring lettuce crop, which we used for composting, we found that the ground was extremely hard and dry. Because of this, I then double dug the soil with an old shovel that we had about. Then I took a few scoops of a dirt mixture I had made earlier that week for our corn rows and placed it over the dry soil of the garden. I then turned the mixture in with the precursing dirt.

Next, I was to plant the bush beans. The bush bean seeds are long, white, and bean-shaped, looking an awful lot like a northern bean. I used my finger to dig small rows in the freshly mixed soil. The rows were only about ½ to 1 inch deep and ran the length way of our former lettuce squares. In each row, I placed an average of five bean seeds, other than a few rows which were shorter than the rest due to some cucumber plants. After this, I recovered them with soil and put a thin layer of wood mulch over their top. Lastly, I gave them a deep watering, so as to not let the warming summer sun evaporate the water.