Are You Shriveled?

This spring and early summer were dry making a difficulty with the blackberries, that is because blackberries are more than 85 percent water. And so, without the help of our hose, they get shriveled up and are not very tasty berries.

In a remarkably analogous way, it is with us. This earth is the parched dry ground. So, even though we have fruit they are dry and shriveled making them almost unfit to eat, and if you do eat them, they are not as flavorful, and you feel like you are eating a seed (you basically are). Jesus is the water from the hose which we need to bear fruit for if we don’t as it says here, we will be thrown into the fire...

Matthew 7:19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.

And that is exactly what we do in our berry bush. If the branch is dead or is a thorn bush not bearing any fruit, we cut it down by the bottom and throw it into a burn pile. Without Jesus, the living water we can bear no good fruit, and the fruit we do bear is dry and shriveled so it is not eaten and thrown into the fire with the branch.

Do you have good fruit?

By Tytus Smith, Age 13